Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Look At December

Here's a little update on Mariska. We got the feeding tube out before Christmas, We are really glad to see that one go. Now we give her all her meds orally, one of them is not the greatest tasting thing, she makes faces when we give it to her. very entertaining. Her umbilical cord had come off it was being held on by the strings they used to sew up her belly button, ( they did a medicine line threw her umbilical cord for some of her heart meds, to keep her heart valve open before surgery.) So we cut the strings, she go her first real bath on Sunday Dec 30th. She enjoyed her bath, it was funny to see her kicking in the water trying to figure out what it was. We got her Medicaid card in the mail on Saturday, She has full coverage, what a blessing. Now we just have to find out how to get all bill from the hospital payed, just a few phone calls hopefully. She Got her RSV protection shot yesterday on the 31st. This is the shot that was going to cast us any where from $1,000 to $1,500 per shot, every month until the end of spring . We got a call from a Primary asking if we wanted to be part of a new medicine study, this was the answer to our prayers, we signed up for it, she now will get the shots for free and they'll pay us $30 for each visit. We got the shot on the last day of enrollment. We're so grateful we got that call. Last week we went to her pediatrician for a check up, she has gained a pound in a week and a half, I thought she was getting heavier. Mariska now weighs 8.1lbs. hehe. Mariska has become a good little eater and sleeps threw most of the night, just wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep. Shes more then either of us could have dreamed for. Thank you for checking up on us and for all your support. Love Melynda, Sam and Mariska

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