Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Months!

Mariska is two months today! What a ride it has been for us. I'm not sure what to say today. Mariska has been fine so far with being off her Reglan. I have to say it been nice not having to give it to her every 6 hours. It by far was the best smelling med she had, smelled like french vanilla frosting. I got Misky to nurse for 13 mins, I was so excited, something finally worked. I had to leave her in her bouncy set and bend over the top of her, not the most comfortable position but it worked for a while. :) hopefully tomorrow it will get her to do it again. Looks like my dad (Mariska's grandpa) is staying in Iraq for a few more months. He was called to be the 2nd counselor to the Bishop in their Branch a few weeks a go. He is loving it so far. There was talk that he was going to be sent back home with the rest of the group, he was kind of sad about leaving his calling. He has to move to Balad airbase. We're so proud of him for being over there. Hes missed all the events with Mariska, he might be home before Misky has the next surgery. Take care, we love you all. Melynda and family Here's a picture of him and the group.

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