Thursday, January 10, 2008


We just found out today that one of the drugs Mariska is on is not that good for her. One of our support group friends began to research the medicine Reglan on to see what the possible side effect of a medication. What she found disturbed us. she found out that Reglan, is only intended for short term use, 4-12 weeks at the most. It is known to cause tremors & a whole slew of other problems. Her little one was showing signs of tremors just after 10weeks of being on the drug. Mariska has been on this for about 7 weeks. Its used to help with throwing up. We stopped this med as soon as we read that. She hasn't had a problem with throwing up even since we got to take out the feeding tube. Seeing how this is not that important of a drug for her we feel good about dropping it. If she stats to have trouble with throwing up we can just put her back on. I feel bad, that I really didn't read on any of the drugs shes been on. Reglan has the effect of dizziness and headaches and a few other things. It was hard to even remember all the drugs shes been on. We are still giving her aspirin, Zantec, and a lasix to help get the fluids out. I hate to the thought of doing something wrong that will damage her in some way that we could have avoided. Some times it would be nice to have someone tell you strait up how it is and what the pros and cons are, I guess that's my job as a parent to find out. Its just scary to thing sometimes not knowing what tomorrow has in store for us. Thanks for all the prays and help. Love Melynda

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