Thursday, December 6, 2007

She Moved!

Mariska was finally moved to the third floor. Which means shes getting better and will be able to come home soon. :D Sam and I are so excited. I went to do my motherly duties, when I was done they had moved her out of the PICU to the CSU (Childrens Medical unit) I was waiting to see if they had a bed upstairs before I left and came back to she had been moved up. I happly tool all her Chirstmas things off the wall and set out to find where she had been moved to. Shes in the "O" sectoin. I am amazed at how much love everyone has shown us in the past few difficult weeks thank you for that and your support. Love Melynda and Sam

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Jan said...
We are so excited at the progress. It is great to realize who is in charge. HE knows each one of us and is so ready to help us when we ask. The Ward continues to pray and look forward to having her home. Please let us know of any other needs.
Jan Ostler

December 7, 2007 5:34 PM