Saturday, December 8, 2007

Going Home?

The Cardiologists just same in for their morning rounds. We're changing her feeding's to every three hours instead of two. This should be nice, waking every 2 hours to help feed her and pumping every 3 has become a little bit to much for me. Now I just hope she can keep all that she eats in her belly. Her cardiologist said we're going to plan on discharging for Monday. Can it really be true? Is Misky going to finally get to come home and out of PCMC?? I have to tell the truth I'm a kind of scared about taking her home, what if something happens. I guess that's normal for a new parent to feel, its just very intense. I not for sure if we'll have to take oxygen home or not I think we might same for the feeding tube, ugh. We'll learn how to place and check for placement and then it will feel like second nature to us. Have to remind my self to take baby steps. Time to check on Misky, maybe I can get a nap or two today. Would be nice to get some christmas shopping done and pick up a tree and have it ready. hmm Chistmas, can wait to have Christmas with Misky. Thank you for all your prays it blows me away to see how much people care. :) until next time. Melynda

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Vanderbeeks said...
Please get rested before you go home! Please! You have so much more work ahead of you when you get home. Take care and know you are loved and prayed for. Talking from experience, don't be afraid to let others help when you get home. There will be certain things only you can do to care for your daughter, but let friends clean your house and bring meals and wash your clothes and run to the store for you and pick up prescriptions. You only have to be mom right now and being super chef, super maid, and super errand runner can wait until later. It will all come back together in time. But give it time.

December 9, 2007 1:39 PM