Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just Air...

They took Misky off the high flow oxygen this morning. Just one step closer to having our sweet baby girl finally at home with us. Hard to believe that shes three weeks old today, time has gone by so slow but amazingly fast. Doctor Hawkins came by tonight told us they are going to do her swallow study tomorrow. They have her drink some dye then take x-rays to see if it goes to her lungs or if it goes to her stomach where it should go. If she passes then they can give her milk orally instead of having a feeding tube going to her small intestines. Dr. Hawkins asked if she's loud when she cries, we said yes and so did her nurse. Dr. Hawkins said that's a good sign, means she will probably pass her swallow test. Thanks for all the prayers and support, it has been a great help to us. :) Melynda and Sam

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