Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm going to try harder and blog more, I look back and think I sure missed posting about some pretty cool things and then forget all about them.

Lets talk about the title. Sam and I planned to wait on doing Mariska's wish cause she was so young we really wanted her to remember. *back when she was 2.5 when she got her heart!" then after talking and reading a friends blog and about their trip, I thought oh no! I had no idea there was a dead line on on a wish after your given a heart! 18months or so? well the first 5 months she wasn't allowed to do or go ANYwhere. Then it was summer, started having fun and BAM rejection back into the hospital we go. Then after another 4 months old steroids and go-no-where-do-nothing-have-no-fun-days where back. After that we Had Kamiah! and back into the keep those germs away gosh darn it!

 So now has been pretty much the only stable time do really even have the option of it. Funny how crazy life is when you sit back and reflect.

We thought its time to do her wish before she misses it and doesn't get to spoiled by all the wonderful things Make-A-Wish can make happen. We started the process back at the end of November. Doctors signed the paper work in December then the call saying Mariska was going to be granted a wish in mid January, and the granters would call in about 3 weeks, maybe sooner since we live close to the valley. The day we got the call was SO awesome since we didn't know if she would really get one or not. turned into one of those Jumping up and down super excited times. =D

There was some confusion with make a wish, I've told you all we're buying a house??!?! well if not gosh darn it. We are moving! yay we're SO ready for a house and a yard.   Back to MAW I gave them our address since I thought hey we'll might just move in that time... well they we're fast. And sent things to the new house we don't yet own... whoops. When are Realtor called us it was one of those I just want to stick my head into a hole moments. Ha! whoops Sorry to the sellers family.... I called MAW and we got things fixed they over nighted two things to us. The first was a little bit of paper work saying more info about MAW. The other was a package we didn't get until the next day since we we're gone to Dance class.  We finally opened it and it was a cute little castle with a key and a paper telling what it was for.

Mariska Loves the key keeps packing it around all day long, its really cute. Shes dieing to know what it opens!

I got the call from her Granters that day we opened the paper work. We talked about a day to set up a visit and see what Mariska would wish for!. I asked if they wouldn't mind coming to our house, didn't really want to take the girls out into the cold if I could help it. We picked today since they work in the mornings and Sam works in the evenings for a while. Then the crazy phone tag started. The other wish granter was sick *just getting over a cold* and didn't want to get us sick. We tried to pick a different day but between us moving and the wish building being booked we decided to take our chances and just have them come today after all.

SO much fun. They came over just before 2. They gave Mariska some cute little toys and a stuffed bunny for both the girls. Mariska was so shy, so getting her to warm up after she had burned all her sillies out earlier that day was hard. She was pooped.

We have been asking her all week about what she wants to wish for, shes so silly. She wants to eat dinner with the princesses, "since we can do that anyway we changed it a little" into having the princesses give Her a makeover. She loves dressing up and getting all dolled up. 

 The thing that came to her mind first when she was being a goof ball was she wanted a Peanut butter bird! I have no idea where this kid comes from, hehe. I asked her "so you want a live bird covered in peanut butter? :S " " hmm no" " how about one made of chocolate that you can eat?" " hehe yeah"

And for the just in case she doesn't get the first wish she wanted to swim with the "darfins" dolphins * but has to be 6 to do that one too! gesh* I asked her so you want to get  INTO the water with them so they can pull you right? "yep" "oh *scared look on her face* oh nOOO! that would be kind of scary" "me how about you can give one a kiss and pet them?" " Yeah!!"

  The warm up get to know you games pretty much reminded her she wants to do all those other things and she wants to do them now. mixed with oh boy you have a cold hasn't been sleeping well and need a nap, Made her get bored pretty fast. Ha

One of the granters said let me see about the peanut butter birds. She has family who makes chocolates and asked them what they could do and if they could get it done by 5 that night so they could give it to Mariska! think they we're sure about it, but said yes!

So after we did all the paper work, man there's a lot of signing on a travel wish! and picking out the right photo of Mariska they left coming back later

 They had made cute little chocolate covered peanut butter cream filled birds! They we're so cute! Mariska took a bite and said " this is perfect just what I was thinking!"  Penny candy Chocolates said they thought they came out so cute the are going to sell them for valentines day! Mariska helped create something pretty darn cute. SO much fun.

So We are going to Disney World for a week the end of April is our plan! and to stay at Give kids the world. We asked how much we should save for spending money, they said that's the beauty of MAW its all payed for and they will give us a card for gas food, and all the other goodies. Sam and my jaws just dropped and we tried not to break down a cry. Its going to be an amazing trip. We cant wait!  I'm a little afraid about the long flight with two little kids and Kamiah being so young. But its going to be a BLAST! Thank you SO much Make-A-Wish. We are so grateful.

Loving her new Shirt and Hat. shes been pointing to the Make-A-Wish logo on the box saying they are going to give her a wish all week. Now its really going to happen!

both annoyed with the flash.

Forgot to get a picture with both the wish granters. This is Kimberly

They will call them Love Birds


Traci Bulkley said...

So exciting! We have been having the same conversations at our home. Those little birds are so cute, and sound delicious!

Melanie said...

I'm so excited that you get to experience Give Kids the World and the whole MAW Disney Trip! It is absolutely amazing. If you have any questions, just let me know. We also extended our trip for a few days to see other things in Florida. I can't wait for you guys to go!