Friday, January 13, 2012

The great, fun, and silly pictures

Kamiah few days old

Did tell her to smile. *sign* gotta love crazy faces. She so LOVES her sister.

Kamiah's blessing day. Boy was that dress slippery.

Visiting Sam's Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. They are so sweet!

Now I was just playing with my camera and you all get to watch me not knowing what I'm doing. hehe

Happiest baby ever! I mean it. Shes a little morning person, every time she sees us all day she'll smile. Shes starting to giggle too now. Love her a ton!

Used to have hair.. now working on her ever growing bald spot.

sledding in the front yard. =) finally have snow.

Misky of so many colors.

Checking out the other kids snow people.


Angee and Thom said...

Love the pic with Mariska in spidermantutu. What a great big sis!

Danielle said...

So many cute and fun pictures! Misky just like Michael with the Spiderman costume, if he puts that thing on, he'll leave it on all day! And Kamiah's blessing picture with all of you is very cute! :)