Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House warming party/Make-A-Wish pays a visit!

We bought our selfs a house! I'm sure I told you but we're so happy and excited to have our own grass and drive way, That I cant help but to share the news again!

Mariska's Wish granters wanted to stop by and tell everyone the news that Mariska getting her wish to go to Disney World! But they wanted it to be a Surprise!!!! How on earth are we going to keep that a surprise?! We did it.  I broke and told Sam, haha hard to keep something that big from my other half. We decited to have a house warming party sure why not right since we just moved? hehe. Told the Grandparents they HAD to be there.. no if ands or buts. They thought it was weird but went along with it. Since we we're just getting over colds we thought we better keep the party small.

Mariska had fun showing family her room and all the other rooms in the house. =)

Also Make-a-wish called yesterday. Give kids the world the place we're staying looked at the ages in our party.. they knew Kamiah was young but didnt notice how young she is! Since my parents are coming along, *wanted some baby sitters and we had planned to go to Disney land last year at this time with them anyway* They said they would pay for my moms tickets! Crazy We're all pretty blown away by their generosity! <3 My dad said they are buttering her up so she will become a wish granter. I think it will work too. She would be perfect for it.

On to pictures!

The girls a month ago

House key

The joys of moving and cleaning

Melyndas *my* Birthday. Mariska helping.

Just chillin' With Uncle Tyler

Oh no he didnt!.. Kamiah's first taste of sugar... well of anything really. ha

Penny's Candy Shop! Her and her sister made the love birds

From my Love

Mariska and Grandpa Anderson Hamming it up


Kimberly Mariska Marilyn

Saying thank you for the pretty's, cookies, news! and ballons.

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De said...

So loved this day! I was so shock and surprise that it was all about Misky and Make A Wish day. Great day!