Monday, March 5, 2012

Icky bug for all the girls/ clinic visit.

Mariska had picked something up at dance the week before we moved. Landing her and my self feeling pretty sick. Made packing/ moving and being a mom not that awesome.

We both finally got better. Then she picked up something a little different leaving us with a runny noses for 2 weeks and a cough thats going on 3! Kamiah ended up getting it too but lucky hers wasnt nearly as bad. Hard to teach a 4 year old not to cough on her sister and she cant touch her if shes coughed on her hands unil she washes them. With Mariska always in her face trying to make her laugh I was shocked we kept it from her for the first 2 weeks.

Shocking how much faster Kamiah recovers from being sick then Mariska. Mariska still has a little cough. *sigh if only the sick kids didnt go to dance and church* 

Mariska had a doctor visit almost 2 weeks ago... I didnt like the news and finally had to much going on. Dr M thought her tricuspid valve was leaking a hair more. Dr. T. didnt think it was. I'm praying it was just her cold that was playing tricks on us....*leaking is normaly the first sigh of rejection* So Dr. M ordered an ECG to make sure. Dont remember what it said but must not have been to bad, since We got chatting.  After we left Transplant team called to tell me her prograf level which is finally in a nice place. yay! And that if we wanted we could come back in 4 weeks and not 2. I keep forgetting to move it back so we're just going to go down on thursday. Kind of want a peace of mind on whats happening.

Since we just booked the plane ride to Orlando the day before clinc with our track record its only fitting something like this happens. ha! it always does. I thought we we're safe doing her trip so early and not waiting for Christmas.

Pray for her on thurday that the news is good and nothing to worry about.

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