Monday, July 18, 2011

Rejection.. One year ago to the date Mariska was given the gift of her new heart

Dont want it to be true, would do anything for it not to be so.. Mariska little body is rejecting her heart. The good thing about rejection is its treatable. Shes back on steriods again a long with a handfull of meds that come with it. Good bye just two meds and hello 8?   

She is in Cellular rejection level 4. With level 5 being the highest. Scary thing, this could have gone unnoticed for a while. Her body hasnt shown any signs of being affected.  Counting our blessings we are able to get on top of this early and prevent any damage to her heart.

The Test they ran this time showed 130 rejection. For most people rejection happens at about 100. Last year when she rejected she was 2,500. Not fully sure what it means, just know its the way the body shows its being attacked.

Mariska did awesome today. Only in the Cath lab for an hour and half. Was scared in the recovery room but was calmed when she saw Sam or my self. Understood she had to lay flat for 4 hours! like I said shes amazing.  They had two failed ivs one in each hand in the cath lab *iv didnt hit a vain or wasnt able to find one* We pulled her iv in her foot before we knew we had to stay. Then another failed on in her hand Finally found a vain in her left hand for her new IV steriods.

The game plan is to give her 6 treatments of mycofentale sp * just to sleepy to care* her iv steriod. They are every 12 hours so we should beable to go home thursday afternoon. 

The effects are already showing. She is STARVING. I can understand now why parents of teens with transplants have to lock the fridge. Nothing is able to fill that hunger. Poor kid. Guess I'll make sure she gets lots and lots of vegies in, haha. 

Thanks for the prayers. We find out if this treatment works in 1-2 weeks with another cath. Praying it stops it and we can start to get off meds again.

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Summer said...

So sorry to read REJECTION! We don't like that word at our house either :-( We will be praying this is just a short hospital stay and that the IV steroids will combat that rejection!!

Mason and Mommy