Thursday, July 21, 2011

Echo looks good. Day 4.

Today has been a slower one. The transplant team has clinics on Thursdays so they are super busy.  Mariska's Progaph is still low!! Shes getting .6ml and came in at .44mls   That's a huge increase. Shes getting .7 tonight with labs on Sat and clinic on Tuesday and more labs. Her level was 6.4. Still below where they want us 8-10. Next year she'll have the target of 5-8 but thats two years post transplant. Sill kid. We are all waiting for her levels to jump sky high, but nothin. They keep asking if we filled her meds here, if we get her labs done here. Nothing has really changed other the she got sick a few weeks back.  With a double ear infection. But no big changes.

Shes so done and wants to go home. As do Sam and I. Its hard being in the hospital never being left alone, becomes bothersome. Plan is to be discharged here in a few hours, hoping her meds will be ready for us when its time.

We had her echo just after lunch, They came to say it looks better. Wahoo!!  When her body rejected her heart, which we think since her prograph level was so low, it attacks the heart valves. Her tricuspid went from mild to moderate.

We're looking at being on steroids for a month, with a fast taper off from them. That's what we're praying happens.  Mariska has fallen in love with the place called Lagoon. She calls it her adventure rides. Hoping she gets to go a few more times before the summer is over. Who would have thought the kid who is scared at the play ground loves theme park rides.  She is very excited about her little sister who is coming. Only 9 more weeks! We're super excited.

Thanks for all the prayers!

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