Monday, July 18, 2011

Cath lab

I'll do a longer post later. Wanted to post Mariska goes to the Cath lab today for her first annual biopsy! Hard to believe last time last year what our lives looked like. Please keep her in your prayers that everything runs smoothly.
July 16th, First event with HopeKids

One year ago today!

Watching the door we'll use countless times the next year

Who doesnt love a good cut??... Yep it happened, She cut her own hair, atleast it worked out to be a bob. Other then the very very very short patch in the back. haha.    Could have been worst, at her age I gave my self a mullet.. yep inch high from the ears forward. I was So in style.   Feeling blessed Mariska didnt go that far.
What you cant see? the good 7 month baby bump. Mariska is gonna have a little sister in september!  All looks healthy but I'll believe it when shes a month old in my arms still. Oh thank heavens for little girls. <3

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