Monday, October 1, 2012

Our dear little heart Friend Kylie

Meet Kylie

                   This is our full of life and spunk dearest heart friend Kylie. She is a little younger then Mariska and was born with the same heart defect as Mariska. Kylie has pretty much followed everything Mariska has happen. I look forward to the day when She has her new heart and Kylie and Mariska can have a play date out side the hospital again.

Kylie was placed on the heart transplant waiting list on Monday April 2nd 2012.  Kylie has been admitted to the hospital for 102 days!. She's there while she waits for a new heart. She was able to wait at home for a few months before needing to be on IV medications to help the work load her hard has to endure.   Please pray for Kylie Bug. Her family could use the support and prayers.

Kylie's famous, see her news clip.
Kylie's blog most updates are now on her FB page.
If your on Facebook you can follow her page. Kylie's Lub-A-Dub!/KyliesLubADub

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always praying for miracles!