Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium & and overdue echo report

Adding some pictures to the blog! YAY

Mariska had her echo, I've forgotten how LONG and slow the time goes when your in the hospital. You know the drill, starve your child the night before you do anything. :) Mariska did well with that part. We headed to PCMC at 5am got there just as the heavens opened and dumped snow. At 7am the tech and a few others had gotten stuck in the traffic so we waited a while. Forgotten the sedation drug(s) that gave Mariska, Very happy this was done via IV she was out so much faster this time around.

Her heart hasn't enlarged any more which is awesome news! Shes still having mild regurgitation with her tricupus valve. Dr. W said this would cause for another Open heart surgery but where she needs her fontan done sometime next year it can wait and be done with that surgery. Counting our blessings with that news.

She went in with a cough.. the same one shes had off and on since Christmas! Cant wait for the spring and all the winter bugs to go away. Despite her mild cough they went a head with it. Finished the Echo and the dr's were not happy with something they saw so we moved her to have a 3D echo done. Moving a sedated person is not a good thing. She has always fight the drugs which made the move not so enjoyable. Got to the next room ended up giving her something else to help her stay asleep, and got the images they we're happy with.

Went up stairs to help her sleep off the drugs, which wasn't to fun with her fighting sleep. She finally fell asleep slept it off, Silly thing was giggling and saying Good-bye to everyone we passed on our way back to cardiology. Talked to Dr. W. ( Dr. P has found a job back east we will miss him) Decided to add her back on to one of her old meds Dig.

So very Grateful things went smoothly thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

We thought it was time to do something fun a last week on Sam's day off so we went to the living planet aquarium . Such an awesome place. The high lights we're watching an octopus eat its lunch and change colors, and touching sting rays.

Mariska in the coral community.
Mariska LOVED this frog.

Mariska and her daddy watching a show.
Asked her if she wanted to touch it and this is the look she gave us, HAHA. NOOo way momma!

I was brave and touched them! So soft and furry.

Mariska's new favorite thing is ELMO which she wants to watch 5 times a day. Shes such a dramatic little thing. Loves to fuss over everything, making sure they have spoons shares her toys, food and smiles. Loves to play baseball on our Wii and is pretty good for being 2. Speaking of 2 she is into everything... my make-up, peanut butter, makers, Loves putting it on her face and saying me Pretty pretty with a huge grin. Hard to get mad with that look.



Danielle said...

Looks like you guys had fun at the living planet aquarium too! I think its a pretty great place for little kids. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun with your mechiveous (sp?) 2y.o.! ;)

One Happy Heart Family said...

Looks like a fun day. Glad things are going so well! Dr P left??? Pulchauski or Pinto who? That is crazy. Glad she got a good echo report. Kylie's valve is leaking also. It is back down to mild. She is on dig too. Enalapril also. These two girls are so much alike crazy huh?