Monday, June 6, 2016

2015 to June 2016!

I decided to try blogger on my phone... and it was a big fail, so sad!   We've lost 3 or 4 great *I'm gonna do this blogging stuff again* posts!

SO in a nutshell before I forget again and anymore things happen I'll give you the super fast update!

Mariska's update. She goes to clinic every 3 months, her heart is looking wonderful, she has gotten to come down on meds. Her new goal range for tacro ( immunosuppressant med) is 5-8!   Her echo from last month looked good.   Also she's far enough post transplant that she only needs a heart cath biopsy every other year, unless needed. so NO CATH this year!!
  Mariska is 8!  She decided she wanted to be baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints.  Her daddy was able to go into the font with her. It was a wonderful day, filled with the spirit, surrounded by family and friends.   Mariska Just finished the 2nd Grade. She was given the award works well with everyone, at the end of the year.   She's looking forward to a fun filled summer with swimming and playing with friends. 

Kamiah now 4! is a little social butterfly, she lives outside and is very self entertained, and like her sister an independent spirit.   I love her smile, her silly blinks, and that curly golden hair. She's forever our little Goldy locks.

Baby #3 Did I tell you we were expecting?!  No? She's now 10months old tomorrow, how can that be? I just had her.

Winnrey our newest little Girl brought a sweet spirit into our home and hearts.  She is adored by her sisters. Winnrey loves to smile, army crawl, nurse and eat anything she can get her hands on.  She is such a content happy baby.   We found out she also has a small heart defect. VSD its a small hole between her two lower pumping chambers. No planned treatment for hers, if it gives her trouble later in life they can patch it, but so far no one has been able to hear it when checking her heart.

Sam and I are slowly becoming more wise and better parents. Sam Goes Bow hunting, flyfishing, backpacking or rifle hunting when ever he gets the chance, Hes love for the outdoors is one of the reasons I love him!   Sam was layed off last year, (march 31.. so his first day out of work was april fools day.. not a good joke! couldnt even tell anyone until the 2nd, since my family is a big bunch of jokers!)    Finding the right replacement has been a challenge, but we're blessed the market is opened up and he was able to find work quickly.
 Sam's working on learning the ropes with Forex, so hopefully he'll become a full day trader. 

Melynda  I'm working on keeping busy with the house and kids. I do a little photography and play around with my cameo, its been fun making things for the house, gifts or cards for friends. Live's going well for us. 

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