Monday, July 6, 2015

Annual cath

Mariska just had her annual cath this morning. She was super brave even a little excited. She likes to ask if they have any stuffed animals or blankets (she likes to feel spoiled when she leaves. Thanks to everyone who does donations!

She did well in surgery and Is recovering nicely. Her throat hurts a little, totally normal. She picked banana as her mask smell. Said she wouldn't do it again.  What's your kids favorite.   Her Pressures (13) are up from the last cath (9), but lower then the one before(18). Little on the high but normal side.

Should hear back from pathology later today what her biopsy sample shows.

She can leave at 4:30 has to stay flat for 5 hours. Can't move for the first one. She's doing great. I'll post again with results.

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