Monday, April 30, 2012

All the little things...

Why does my heart still get sick when ever I see PCMC on my caller ID?! I hold my breath put on a smile and take the call. I know the day I dont force my self to be brave they will have icky news.

Mariska's Prograf levels are once again still not stable! They are a little to low *they like it to be with in a range, to hign will damage other organs. To low she can go into rejection* for this far out *less then 2 years* We're going from .85ml to 9.3mls. Then they want a level check with in 10 days. 

I layed down with her today, she cuddled up close gave me a hug and said nothing bad will ever happen as long as your with me mommy. Its the sweet things in life that make it better.  I guess being told not to go out the revolving doors by her self at pcmc really did scare her a little.   I so love this little girl and all her spunk!

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Mimi said...

i am so sorry!! I hate the level games. Mia is on .8 mls. so similar. I hope this next one is stable.