Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome baby Kamiah!

Mariska is so proud to have a little sister. =) Here's some pictures.

Kamiah Mae Anderson
6 lbs 9 oz
19 inches
 Born at 8:20 am
September 28th 2011

Due date September 22nd. 6 days late planned to be induced at 7:15am on the 28. Told Kamiah it was her last chance to come into the world on her own. Very glad she came own her own. We weren't fully sure the due date was right but all the ulta sounds measured her dead on with the date we thought was right. So happy she came on her own with out drugs and force. She was trying to keep her head lifted off my chest and look around hours after birth and has amazing muscle tone very much so in her legs. Nursing is going well, It was a little rocky but we're working to get over it. We love you little Kamaih so happy to have you in our family.

Here's what 40 weeks looks like. 3 days over due.

Welcome to the world Kamiah.

Tiny feet

Contractions started at 12:30. Finally at 2:30 and 2mins apart we headed for the hospital. Taken at 9am.  Here's what a long night will do to ya. :o)  

Proud daddy and Grandpa.

smashed fresh from the birth canal face. hehe Stayed awake for 2 hours after birth looking around.

First time meeting.

Upset because the nurse took Kamiah from the room to the nursery before we moved to the recovery room. She did not like having her sister taken away.

Mariska loves being a sister.

Little sister shirt we brought her home in. First diaper change at home.

Checking things out.

10-1-2011. 3 days old.  She looks so much like Mariska.

Mariska age 1 day. Before we knew about her half a heart and going to the NICU
6lbs 11oz

Mariska a few days old. Before norwood. Taken at PCMC PICU.

Yesterday Mariska morning I layed down while Kamiah slept to take a nap. Woke up to Kamiah crying and to see Mariska was in the pack-in-play bassinet with a few toys working on laying down with her sister. So cute but a little naughty.
Went to the pediatrician yesterday *48 hours old* since we left the hospital a little early they wanted to see her again. Since she had a little jaundice that was a working its way up. She looks fine. Her oxygen levels are 97 and 99. She a healthy little girl.  Mariska again was so worried they would hurt her. We talked about what would happen to Kamiah when she was born that she would have to get pokes in her legs just like she did as a baby. Mariska said she will hold her sisters hand so she doesn't get scared. 

She blows us away with the amount of compassion she has for others. Always making sure others are happy. Sam Told her his shoulder hurt one day a few days later shes asking him if it feels better now. Most of us don't even remember little things like that, little alone check to make sure things are fine. She's such a sweet heart.

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Angee and Thom said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Sisters are so fun. I hope you are able to get some snuggle rest.