Monday, September 12, 2011

Biopsy at 12..

Asking for prayers for Mariska today. She goes into the cath lab for another biopsy. We're praying we finally have a handle on her rejection this time.   She is nothing but energy still. =) Its all fine and dandy but its wearing us out!  I started to call her the energizer bunnys' charging pad. Oh to have her energy. 

I'm 38 weeks pregnant  and due in 10 days. YAY for baby sisters. So want her to not be in rejection, I miss my non marshmallow little girly. She is very excited to be a big sister. She'll run up to my belly kiss her sister smile and run back and play.  Mariska is one of the money caring people I have ever met.

We went camping the first week of September at downata hot springs in Idaho. They have a huge volleyball sand pit all the kids from the camp ground go and play in. She noticed some of the kids didn't have toys, so she grabbed all of hers walked over to each kid in the 3 groups and let them use one of hers. Then she would walk around making sure everyone was happy and had a toy. Even telling the others who we're throwing sand at the other little kids to stop and play nice. This kid was a born leader. Shes 3 remind ya and everyone listens to her. The 10 year olds just smile look at their moms like am I really following a little kid?    She also since being on steroids is super gassy! We laugh about it, but its shocking she can give her uncles a run for their money hahaha at least hers don't stink.   We love her chipmunk laugh and her never ending smiles.

Oh and lets not forget shes put on nearly 8lbs over the summer. Amazing when we have fought for every sinkin ounce all of her life. Atleast some of it will go away.

We are praying for her little Heart friend Kylie. Shes had her fontan at the start of the summer and now needs a new heart. Her family could use the prayers and comfort.

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Angee and Thom said...

Whats the latest? I caught a glimps of you and your cute family at the Heart walk on Saturday. But I was in volunteer mode, running around, and I couldn't find you again to properly introduce myself. I hope all was well at the cath lab. Good luck with the new baby land, keep us bloggers posted! My 3 year old is my best babysitter!