Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heart is lookin' good!

Went to clinic today. Have to say getting there for 7am echo, 8:30-9 labs. Then 10 for clinic made for a super long day. Atleast we had time to grab breakfast. Heres what she had to eat... Ate my moms pancake, half of her grits *think its in a two cup bowl* Half her donut, a few grapes, two strawberries, and 1/3 a bottle of juice. Good thing we all dont eat like that every morning! We got to see our little friend Kylie and her mom. Mariska and her we're so cute sitting there visiting and playing.

Mariska's echo looked good, back to normal. =D! We have been praying and praying it would. Summer is no fun if you can go and do anything. boo hoo hoo. Its been a hard week on me, Think all the stress and with the baby coming in 4 weeks. or 29 days. hehe Is finally getting to me.

We even have the paper for the tapering off her steroids!! Still stuck in a Go-no-where, see-no-one status. But freedom is in the clearing up ahead. I can amost taste it.

Next werek she goes back for clinic to make sure things are hunky dory. The on the 8th or around it she will need another cath. To check and make sure the rejection is gone.

This dose of meds for her has been making us crazy! Shes always been really happy... ok if you have seen her she bounces off the walls and wants nothing but to talk and talk or make you laugh. No breaks. Its fun for a while.. but burns out pretty fast. Shes been pretty moody for the past week. The Dont look at me, just do what I say and even if I dont say it make sure you do it right. Grumpy but still super silly.

Heres a recap of last night...

Mariska didnt want to eat much of her dinner. So we saw this one coming.

Mariska asking dad if she can have something to eat, so they are looking in the freezer and fridge. Sam Looks at me and asks she she can have a hot pocket.

Me "no"
Mariska " i"m still hungry.. can I have one of those" *hotpocket* Working on her crying face..
me " no, those are for lunches "
Mariska while grabbing her chest/neck.. working on tiers "but my heart is getting sick", falling to the ground, I really need one of those."
Me "you can have apple sauce or carrots"
Mariska "NOo its getting sicker! I have to have one...
Me giving her a look that still says I dont think so
Mariska "I cant eat"
me " Then you cant have one of those if you cant eat can you?..
Sam holds up a block of cheese
Me "How about some cheese?"
Mariska getting up from laying on the floor.. "mmmm ok, dad will you cut me some?
like magic no more crying or gator tears flowing.
Shes SO much drama then normal, cant wait until shes off the steroids. Shes such a turkey!

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