Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heart Cath and Biopsy tomorrow.

Mariska is doing really well. She stopped throwing up once a day for almost a week now. Changed to anti acid med. As long as she has something in her tummy she's fine and dandy.  Over the moon that its not those bubbles again.

If you are willing, we would appreciate the prayers for Mariska and her docs tomorrow. Also for my self so I can remember everything said. Had a very bad migraine attack last night and just dealing with the after damage of a week long head ache.  I will post when we know results.  Borrowed a request from a friend to share also. I'll post it off and on all winter.

So here is our friendly request to our dear friends, neighbors and family. PLEASE, lets us know if you or your kiddos have been sick and will be having contact with Mariska. That way we can make a decision on whether we need to change our plans and stay home.
If you have spent time with her recently and end up getting sick, let us know as well. We understand that you may feel well one day and sick the next. This is in no way to make someone feel bad, but it helps give us an idea of what it could be if she does end up sick. For a regular kiddo, no biggie. But for Mariska this will save her multiple blood draws (and tears) as they run labs to figure out what type of illness she has. So think of it as doing Mariska a favor and Please just give us a heads up.
Also, if you happened to get the FLU MIST and will be in contact with Mariska please let us know so we can stay away for a couple weeks. We have received a letter from cardiology stating that because the Flu Mist is a LIVE vaccine it could be contagious to Mariska. Therefore, we are to stay away from those that have received the mist and ask those that will be in contact with her to get the SHOT instead.
Thanks for always being so so good about all of this. We hate asking this of others but we know of the major impact this could have on Mariska's health and in all honesty her life.

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Hope's Blog said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you today. Caths seem to get to me almost as much as surgery (not nearly as much, but they still scare me).