Friday, December 19, 2008

Look who's crawling!

We finally got Mariska started in PT (physical therapy) She had her evaluation done on her birthday, poor thing she was so not awake all the way but did pretty well. Misky at the time was not able to get from laying to sitting. So I asked what I could do to help her while we waited to set up the first home visit. They told me not to just pick her up (ops our bad, hehe shh) To roll her a little over to her side hold her arm that's in the air and push her hip back to the ground, then she should put her other arm down and push her self up.

After three days of working with her every time I went to pick her up, I helped her learn to sit up her self. She learned pretty fast once the parents knew how to really help.

We plan to have PT twice a month come to our house and work with her for 45 mins. The last visit was the same day as her RSV shot so she was a little grumpy. We now put things in her way so she cant scooter on her little tush. Yup, she's a butt scooter, and is rather fast. (I'll post a video once I find my cables)

Last week shes has learned if she wants to get over something shes gotta be on her knees! YIPPY! Shes starting to crawl more and more. At first it was just showing off. (that would be her, showing off in her shy little ways) She would go Super turtle speed. this wells shes getting a little faster and braver.

I have to block her in the living room now, its been down hill once she found shes like to help the dogs eat their food as much as she loves to feed them her food. (that one happened on daddy's watch.. Still love ya babe!) She gets so excited when she things she can get away and into everything, and scoots and a little crawling to any that has buttons or cords. Her personal favourite is the POWER buttons. Gets everyone by surprise. :o)

Shes also starting to wear 12-18 month clothing. Shes still a little small but they work for her. I never really thought about her growing out of her 12 month clothing, she sure showed me.

Tooth #2 played peek-a-boo for a few weeks I think its her to stay. Silly Misky has two little bottom teeth.

Happy late Thanksgiving and an Early Merry Christmas!
The Anderson's


Liam Lockhart said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Im glad to hear that Misky is doing well with her crawling and sitting up, Liam is still in PT and not even crawling but he can scoot on his tummy to his toys its not an army crawl,but we have progress! Liam has 2 bottom teeth also and getting 2 vampire fangs in!!! ha! i guess the 2 upper teeth want to come in after. Liam had a great Christmas and got some toys that can help with Physical Therapy at home. I hope Mariska had a great Christmas and you had a Great time ringing in the New Year. Liam fell asleep about 10 and we woke him at midnight to say Happy New year and give him his medicine. I will check on Misky, i have a couple of pictures of liam on his website.
heart hugs
Sarah mommy to Liam hlhs

Liam Lockhart said...

Hey Melinda, i hope everything is ok with Misky, I haven't been able to post on Liam's website i have been busy and then my computer crashed for 3 weeks, im going to post pictures and what Liam has been up too. Hope everything is well
Heart Hugs,
Sarah and Liam hlhs